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Design interior of apartments

Perfect knowledge of the ownership of the masters of each style. Design apartment AZ2H made using a minimalist style trends. It does not meet the clutter of furniture and an abundance of decorative elements. If you want to create an exclusive design of the apartments, allows to realize any desire.

The project used furniture strict geometric shapes. The kitchen - convenient countertop and cabinets with appliances. A large table with chairs from the timber can accommodate many guests for him.

The interior design of the apartment and has a cozy lounge area with a soft corner sofa, trendy floor lamp and a huge TV. In the bedroom you can admire the beautiful wall with lighting that changes color. A soft bed will provide a deep sleep, and the clothes can be placed in a wide and tall cabinets with glass doors.

The decision to order the design of apartments allows to embody any original ideas. The wizard creates a stylish bathroom decorated fixtures of unusual shapes and fine mosaics. Hanging lamps create a comfortable and bright lighting, further speaking of decorative interior detail. Design interior of apartments afford to make the home not only beautiful, but also comfortable and perfectly suited for permanent residence. Interior design Apartments certainly will satisfy all customers.

Color combinations of interior

The project is dominated by shades of beige, cream, gray and brown. Dilute the total restraint and severity of style, bright blotches of green, yellow and red. Paul Wood light colors gives the room airiness and lightness, smoothing the dark color of the walls. All shades are combined with each other softly and noble, emphasizing the depth of each other. The juxtaposition of a similar color scheme can be seen in the project JH1H, where a range of colors used throughout the home. If you want to get a high quality design of apartments, allows you to enjoy the beautiful housing thanks to the work of the workshop of experts.

Why apply it to our studio:

All projects are carried out in the order and with an individual approach to each client. Because of this, no design is not repeated, and the master of the house has a unique apartment;
on the design of apartments Prices of our company will be available to people who are experts in a competent and stylish design of the dwelling;
order the design of the apartment is to get a world-class designers work done.
Talented masters, taking into account individual features of flat and wishes of the client make an appeal to our studio the perfect choice for lovers of stylish, tastefully designed interior.

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