Complete project

$60 per m2


  • concept development;
  • sketch design;
  • 3D-visualization;
  • working documentation (plans, specifications of equipment, furniture and decoration);
  • 2 edited versions if necessary.

The customer gets:

  • the plan of measurements;
  • project recommendations;
  • the specification of project alterations;
  • dismantling plan;
  • assembly plan;
  • the post-reconfiguration plan;
  • 3-D design of an apartment;
  • furniture plan;
  • furniture specifications;
  • the marking plan for the corners of the room;
  • the developed view of the walls of the room;
  • the specifications of sanitary ware;
  • the plan of placement of illumination devices;
  • the plan of illumination and switches group;
  • the sockets and electrical leads plan;
  • the specifications of illumination and electrical equipment;
  • the audio/video network plan;
  • the ventilation and air conditioning plan;
  • the ceiling plan;
  • ceiling cuts;
  • the flooring plan;
  • floor cuts;
  • the heating plan;
  • the specification of radiators;
  • the plan for filling the doorways;
  • the specifications of doors;
  • the plan of finishing materials for walls;
  • the statement for interior finishing.
Design supervision

$20 per m2


  • assistance in purchases and replenishment selection.

The cooperation and payment algorithm looks as following:

  1. The terms of reference from the client. 30% payment.
  2. Apartment measurements and creation of layouts (up to 4 alternative designs).
  3. Visualization development (up to 3 alternative designs). 40% payment.
  4. Development of detailed design documentation.
  5. The issuance of the album of detailed design documentation. 30% payment.

In case of 10% preliminary payment, you will save the part of the budget.

The construction team

$400-450 per m2


  • de-installation/installation of partition walls;
  • installation of additional partition walls (foam block, gypsum block, drywall);
  • wall chasing in brick and concrete walls for the installation of electrical control unit and wiring;
  • the wiring installation;
  • the floor cement screed;
  • floor covering (tiles, parquet, laminate laying);
  • installation of hidden skirting and accessories;
  • alignment of walls and ceiling (plaster, primer paint, spackling paste);
  • painting of walls and ceilings;
  • development of heating system;
  • laying of pipes and cable for the heated floor;
  • laying of pipes for water supply and drainage;
  • draft materials (dry mixes, paint, wires, etc.).

Available only for our projects.

Furniture manufacturing

Individual pricing estimate.


  • production and assembly of upholstered furniture (sofas, armchairs);
  • production and assembly of cabinet furniture (kitchens, cabinets, dressers, beds, etc.);
  • production of wardrobe and sliding systems.