Eco style interior

Interior Eco-style - "healthy" trend in interior design

"Housing Problem" very strong fixed position Eco style in the interior, if it seemed only yesterday inaccessible and unknown novelty, but today, it is quite well-established and popular trend in the design of apartments and houses. The inherent eco-style, brick, ceramic and wood surfaces perfectly with forging and rough metallic elements. Of course, natural materials create comfort and a soft, relaxing atmosphere.

If the interior design of your wins back the essential role of everyday life, the professional services in the field of design and planning of living space - an ideal option. Keeping up with the times, while delivering environmentally friendly housing - a choice that hundreds of thousands of people are doing around the world today.

Mixing colors and styles

According to experts, world-renowned, eco-style is ideally combined with light, soft pastel colors. We have repeatedly faced to order seasonal and permanent housing is Eco. I am glad that the majority of people inherent desire to create a "flavor", is fully compatible with the traditional notes of the interior of incompleteness. On top of the above, you will notice some similarities with the Scandinavian-style motifs, the creation of which use similar materials, but due to the lack of deaf walls that separate areas - the effect is stunning.

Fans of minimal decor interior design in eco-style, too, will like. There is nothing superfluous in the interior, in addition to handmade jewelry, fresh flowers and sprigs of greenery and a complete flight of fancy our designers to create extra comfort in your homes.